Top 5 Games of 2015

feature-2The 2015 is almost coming to an end, but before we end this year, most probably we will be having those last minute changes with our game rankings. There are even news of other developers having to launch a last quarter breakthrough before the year ends, therefore let Us first take a look at the latest games a year ago and who ranks on our top five listings. Please take note that the rankings are based on any platforms as long as it is considered to be a video game.

#1 Grand Theft Auto V
The Xbox 1 and PS4 version with thi action and adventure genre of the GTA, the 5th installment have caught the attention of the gamers from 1 to 4 and have added new recruits with this new craze. Rockstar Games have never been as bold as these latest games they have provided with their viewers.

#2 The Last of Us Remastered
Specially designed for the PS4 platform and developed by Naughty Dog and Sony. Though the game story was a bid familiar with those human infected running on the screen with a post apocalyptic plot and survival is a proof the gamers are still into this kind of game.

#3 Super Smash Bros.
The Smash Brothers game by Nintendo for it’s Wii version deserves to be on the top 5. All the lovers of the original Nintendo game that we all knew about has the new evolution and this is something we’ve been waiting for like 2 decades already.

#4 Dark Souls 2
This Role Playing Game (RPG) designed for Xbox 360 is something that are being waited by gamers. Imagine yourself being dead with those different coming your way. Namco Bandai Games obviously know what their fans wanted from the first version of Dark Souls.

#5 Bayonetta 2
This Action and Adventure games is developed by Platinum games. You will surely love those added scenes with action packed and adventure that would definitely place you out of your seat.

Overall I have decided to include other games platforms from iOS and Androids plus those shortlisted games that might not be on top ten listings. Do you agree with these top 5 games on my list? You may wait for more before I release the top 5 runner ups with them. Also, you should look forward next year for the upcoming to 5 games of 2015. Feel free to leave comments below :-).

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