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‘90s Video Games and Why they are much “cooler”

feature-1If you are probably born from the mid 1980s to the early 90s, then you are perhaps a certified 90s baby. The 90s are mostly claimed to be the best decades ever. Most probably that was the time of the famous pac-man on Atari, the Super Mario bros version of family computer, the sega, super Nintendo, their mini me version of game gear and Nintendo gameboy and most probably the late addition of Sony Play Station. Man, remember those funny graphics? They appears to be inferior from the PS3, Xbox and PC version but imagine the small amount data required to them? Read More →

Why We Shouldn’t Resort to Downloading Pirated Games?

feature-3In this modern era of Play station, xbox and latest games for PC. We have this cheapo tactics of relying too much on downloading pirated copies of games we wanted with the emergence of those peer to peer sharing platforms. But have you though that once you encourage this pirated websites and applications would also mean that you stealing someone’s property instead of buying it legally? You also deprive yourself of providing details for upcoming freebies, upgrades or any benefits you are to received had you just simply brought it’s paid version. Read More →